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I have to mention how happy I am to find this artist again. I saw his work a very long time ago and I’m thrilled I’ve stumbled across it again!


24colors asked:
Your tumblr is really amazing!

thank you C: <3

A Good Wife from W. Scott Forbes on Vimeo.

a good wife 

animation by w. scott forbes 


After I started posting my paintings, I received many questions like “gurl, how do you make this… stuff? o_O”, so I decided to show to the world how my “magic happens” ;) As an example I chose my personal favourite.

(there is no “read more” button on Tumblr anymore, so sorry for flooding your dashes) 

Step 1: For a start I make a two colour background (with gradient). Lighter one goes where the light comes from, pretty obvious. I always start with colours, because white background scares me (so called “white piece of paper syndrome” when you’re afraid of destroying the perfection of the clean paper - sad but true ;)).

Before I start, I need to choose palette of colours. It quite often changes when the work goes by, but I have to start with something.

Step 2 and 3: After that, I start sketching. With a huge brush I roughly mark the composition - face goes here, pillows here etc. Then, with a smaller brush I put shadows.  All this painting process it’s just basically going from a huge brush to a tiny one.

Step 4: When the draft is ready, there is time to put more detail and make this shapeless stain look like face. With a small brush I draw the shape of face, eyes, lips, shape of nose, all those things that make Benedict look like Benedict.

Step 5 and 6: Everything still looks rather flat, so it’s time to put a bit more light and shadow. Head is a three-dimensional object, so it can’t look like a pancake ;) And of course all the time I have to remember to keep the proportions right, because after all I’m painting a specific person, not some random dude laying on the pillow.

Step 7 and 8: right here I was just working on getting his cheekbones sharp and perfect ;) Also I put some splashes of contrasting colour on the background (in this case on a pillow) to add more depth to the image. 

Step 9 and 10: Now it’s justing pumping up the contrast a bit (I have no idea why, but Tumblr eats saturation like hell) and cropping to desired size. I decided to make frame this tight, because I wanted to focus viewers eyes on the face (and the details).

So basically you can sum this process like this: from huge brush to small brush, from general image to detail, from medium contrast to huge ass contrast. 

(flower pattern credit

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