a good one shot horror comic recommendation from me :))

for horror comic lovers <3 

vincisomething asked:
Oh god, sorry this took two asks: Have you checked out these digital dA artists (2/2): moni158, Montyoum, Mureh, Nebezial, o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d, omupied, patamy (aka clearechoes), Phoenixlu, qianyu, ryuukanagare, and xxcrossmaniac

thanks dear :) 

vincisomething asked:
Have you checked out these digital dA artists (1/2) acaciathorn, aishaxnekox, alicechan, alicexz, anndr, blackeri, bluefley, charlie140588, Clovery, Comipa, contraomnes, Deino3330, Doubleleaf, Eat01234, Ecthelian, Fangogogo, futarinokizuna, Gasara, Geegeet (especially his "sexy" folder), genki-de, genzoman, hangmoon, heise, iPoppet, ippus, itori, Jin-E (aka inufma88fan), Kaizeru, Kibbitzer, Lavah, LeNNea maria-menshikova, mazjojo, meago, megatruh, Mellolover, Mezamero, Mineworker, moirgane...

good recommendation ^^

Anonymous asked:
What are you doing right now?

doodling and staring at my pc monitor all day long :/ ,i’m so fu$%% bored 



vincisomething asked:
Oh mai god- this is eye porn, I can't even iasdjgfaibsdf this is so beautiful /crying

haha ,thank you dear C:

i decided not to color it 

easy paint tool sai 

bianca draghici

xi zhang

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